Hi! I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Oregon. I’m currently on the job market, where I’ll be presenting work investigating stock price responses to changes in corporate income tax rates. My research and teaching interests include public, labor, urban, and financial economics. I began my doctorate after falling in love with tax policy while working as a senior tax preparer. Before that, I worked as a musician and accountant in the financial services industry in NYC. I am currently in my 7th stint as an instructor of record (labor econ. 4x, urban econ. 2x, and taxation once). I have also been a section leader for 3 terms teaching principles of micro and macro, as well as a teaching assistant for 3 other terms.

I will be available for interview at the ASSA conference in early January, 2019.

Education: Ph.D., Economics, University of Oregon, expected June 2019

M.S., Economics, University of Oregon, December 2015

M.S., Accounting, SUNY Albany, December 2004

M.F.A., Musical Theatre Writing, NYU, May 2002

B.F.A., Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation, University of Michigan, May 2000

Contact: (541) 321-5588 or

References: Caroline Weber, Van Kolpin, Jeremy Piger