Quotes from student evaluations:

"Christian was an incredible professor, he was able to present taxation economics in a way that was engaging, and constantly had me walking out of class with a personal interest in taxes, looking at them in a way I had not before." - EC 441 Taxation Student

“Prof. Imboden is really knowledgeable about econ. and his passion for it is evident when he teaches. He explains things in a clear manner and uses real life examples to facilitate his teachings. He also goes the extra mile to ensure that students understand the lectures via his 2 minute papers.” - EC 441 Student

"He makes this course easy to understand and uses good examples that are really helpful." - EC 350 Labor Economics Student

"Does a good job of explaining course material and does outside research to answer questions thoroughly." - EC 350 Student

"This is a great class! I can't think of any areas of improvement." - EC 350 Student

"I really liked the 2 minute papers and enjoyed your class! I would have attended them all if it wasn't at 8am. I also really liked your review sessions and wish every course would have sessions as helpful as yours!" - EC 350 Student

"Instructor showed great passion and interest in the class. Gave real life examples rather than just boring material." - EC 330 Urban Economics Student

"Great instructor, truly cares for the student." - EC 330 Student

"Professor Imboden always connected labor economics concepts such as a minimum wage increase's effect to real life situations, such as a break down of the Seattle minimum wage increase's impact on unemployment. This really helped me staying engaged throughout the course, especially during a compressed summer term when materials are hurried through. Great Job 10/10" - EC 350 Student

"Christian is a great teacher. Explains things clearly and gives a lot of examples. If someone doesn't understand he is more than willing to help that student fully grasp the material. He is very organized and is always available after class to meet. He is by far the best economics teacher I have had thus far at Oregon. He gives real life examples and often cracks jokes to make the class more engaging." - EC 350 Student

"Great teacher! Course was well organized and flowed very well from topic to topic. Chris was funny and engaging, answered questions as they cropped up and extremely thorough in his coverage of the material." - EC 350 Student

"Very professional yet personable. Impeccable knowledge and communication of material." - EC 350 Student

“Knew a lot about the material and wanted people to learn.” - EC 202 Macroeconomics Student

"Was very organized and made a Friday at 3pm discussion interesting." - EC 201 Microeconomics Student